One of our most important goals at OpenDNS is educating people on Internet dangers so they can make informed choices on how to best manage their networks. Last week we released a phishing quiz, hoping we could show people just how difficult it is to spot the difference between a phishing site and the real website.

The quiz was designed to be difficult, but our users were hoping for something more than a challenge. The comments poured in, encouraging us to create a powerful educational tool that you could use to help teach people how to avoid getting phished.

You had our attention. Many of you, who know that cyber criminals can create exact replicas of real sites by simply copying the image and hosting it at a different domain, were frustrated that the quiz didn’t include URLs. Others, hoping to use the quiz to teach friends and family about the dangers of phishing, asked us to create something that showed why seemingly legit sites were actually phishes.

So, we incorporated your feedback into a new version of the quiz. We hope you’ll find this to be a useful tool to help people learn the dangers of phishing, and how to avoid them. As always, the easiest way to avoid getting phished is to use OpenDNS. That’s because OpenDNS runs PhishTank, the world’s largest community-powered online clearinghouse for phishing, and uses it to automatically block phishing sites for all OpenDNS users.

Take the quiz now!

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