Update: We’ve created a new version of the phishing quiz that now includes URLs and feedback on why some seemingly legit sites are actually phishes. Take the quiz again to see how well you do.

Could you be duped by a phishing scam? Most of us familiar with the usualĀ phishing tactics tend to think we’re skilled at recognizing scam sites. But as phishing becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish real sites vs. scams.

If you’re using OpenDNS, you and yours are protected from phishing sites. We use data from PhishTank — which we operate — the largest clearinghouse of phishing data online. But even with OpenDNS, the single best defense against phishing is education. Knowing how to spot a phish means you’re less likely to click a phishing link in the first place.

With the holiday season upon us, what better time than now to brush up on phish-spotting skills? We crafted a quiz that asks you to identify whether 10 homepage images are those of real or phishing websites. Consensus is that showing the URLs for the sites makes the quiz too easy, so we’ve hidden them.

A quick refresher on spotting phishing before you get started:


Take the quiz now!

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