has been redesigned to make resources more readily-available, and offer more insight into why OpenDNS is the best way to secure your network from threats at the DNS layer.

Let’s go for a quick tour:

  • The Technology section is brand new. Here we dive into how OpenDNS works, including details about our sophisticated Anycast routing technology and globally-distributed network. We also show you why OpenDNS is so fast and so reliable, and how our service has been designed from the ground up to ensure 100% uptime. The new section includes an interactive network map that tells you which of our 12 global datacenters is answering your DNS requests and stats about total DNS requests — per day and even per second.


  • We made the Business Solutions and Home Solutions more obvious in order to get people to the information they need faster. Whether you’re a SysAdmin looking for information about how our malware protection works, a mom or dad looking for a straightforward way to keep kids safe online, or just want to sign up for Premium DNS, the new site is tailored to ensure your questions get answered in fewer clicks.


  • The Resources section is a great place to find out who is using OpenDNS and how. Browse the customer showcase and get to know the trusted brands that rely on OpenDNS every day, meet our partners or find out why companies like yours are using OpenDNS. This section is jam-packed with case studies, data sheets and even an FAQ.


What do you think about the new site?  Let us know by leaving feedback in the comments.

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