We have something new we’ve been cooking up and we need some help testing it. Interested in helping shape and vet a new OpenDNS technology, poised to positively impact everyone who uses the Internet?

OpenDNS is calling for participation in a technology preview, seeking people to help us test a new (exceptionally awesome) service and provide feedback. And make sure it’s in prime shape before it’s tasked with serving the world at-large.

In exchange for helping us with feedback you’ll receive our gratitude and you’ll know you’re doing your part in helping build a better service for users all over the world.

Rules to participate are simple:

  1. You need to be computer savvy. This is new code, and might have bugs.
  2. We aren’t ready to share with the world yet, so you need to keep everything we share with you confidential — that means no tweeting, blogging, forwarding, etc.
  3. That’s it.

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