Today we announced that Shea Homes, the largest privately-held homebuilder in the U.S. has deployed and is experiencing great success with OpenDNS Enterprise. J.F. Shea Co., its parent company, is also using OpenDNS Enterprise. For us, its hugely exciting that the company America trusts to build our homes and engineering marvels has trusted OpenDNS Enterprise with the task of protecting its networks and employees from malware and unsafe content.

It’s no easy task to be one of the nation’s largest and most respected homebuilders and civil contractors. Aside from a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, and building global landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam, it also means a constant and significant amount of corporate growth. For Shea Homes and parent company J.F. Shea Co, keeping up with that rapid growth meant purchasing, deploying and managing new malware protection and content filtering appliances for its various networks every time a new office was added, or more bandwidth was needed. The company and its subsidiary were stuck in an ugly cycle of appliance management, a story that’s all too familiar for many rapidly growing organizations. But escaping the cycle was not only easy, it resulted in significant savings of both time and resources.

The J.F. Shea Co. and its divisions were early adopters of cloud-based services like OpenDNS Enterprise because the move let the companies free up significant IT budget and time, and downsize datacenters across their distributed locations. This was especially significant during the economic downturn that left the building industry particularly hard hit. Notably, J.F. Shea Co.’s cloud-based evolution was rooted in the transition to OpenDNS Enterprise. Shea Homes soon followed by adopting OpenDNS Enterprise for all of its North Carolina locations. The organizations not only leverage OpenDNS Enterprise for its unique ability to block malware and botnets at the DNS level, but also for the added protection the organizations receive by filtering malicious sites that are frequently the sources of such malware.

Using OpenDNS Enterprise afforded J.F. Shea Co. a savings of more than $25,000 and gave Shea Homes the ability to downsize its datacenters and let its IT team focus more closely on proactive maintenance. We’re excited to say that OpenDNS Enterprise does this each day for companies large and small. And we love spreading those stories, helping other SysAdmins around the world learn how OpenDNS Enterprise can do the same for them. If you have questions about OpenDNS Enterprise, or want to learn how it can help your business stay safe from malware or inappropriate content, join our webinar next Wednesday, Oct. 26.

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