We love hearing stories from our users about how they’re using OpenDNS, so much in fact, that we frequently ask our Facebook friends and Twitter followers to tell us about their experiences. And when Dustin Springman, network director for the South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority (SGRITA), recently told us a story, we thought it was so humbling and inspiring we just had to share it with you.

It’s no secret that we think OpenDNS has the absolute best users of any security company out there. And, that while we work hard to spread the word, it’s the users themselves who are our best ambassadors. But Dustin has taken it to the next level. Working with SGRITA, Dustin has universally deployed OpenDNS across networks that serve more than 15,000 people.

After dealing with the unreliable DNS offered by his local ISP for too long, Dustin set up OpenDNS and never looked back. He loved the service so much that he began sharing his success with friends and neighbors, even going the extra mile to set it up on their machines.

But his passion for OpenDNS didn’t stop there. At the time OpenDNS announced it was offering a cloud-based content filtering solution, Dustin was working for SGRITA and advising many K-12 schools on Web security. He quickly realized the dramatic impact OpenDNS could have on K-12 schools that face limited IT resources yet still need to meet CIPA compliance. Springman educated local school districts on the benefits of using OpenDNS and deployed the service universally across all of the school networks SGRITA managed.

When we announced OpenDNS Enterprise to protect businesses from malware, Dustin once again sensed that OpenDNS was reading his mind. SGRITA was troubleshooting an alarming amount of malware and botnet activity for the business networks it served, and he knew DNS level malware prevention was a unique solution. Dustin advocated that all the business networks SGRITA served explore and institute OpenDNS to cure their malware woes.

Today Dustin is an active participant in the OpenDNS community: Tagging domains in the Domain Tagging system and helping make OpenDNS Web content filtering more effective, submitting ideas in IdeaBank about ways OpenDNS can be even better and more feature-rich, helping other users by answering questions in the Forums. Plus, he’s following Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and ensuring OpenDNS is set up on all the networks SGRITA manages.

And we know that there are thousands more OpenDNS users just like Dustin. So to all of you who have convinced your CTO to deploy OpenDNS across your company’s network, educated your local school board on OpenDNS so your kid was as safe at school as she is under your roof, or simply installed OpenDNS for your parents, we say: Thanks a million. We hope that as we continue to add features and products that will benefit your colleagues, friends or community you’ll help us spread the word and create a safer Internet for everyone.

Give us the chance to thank you for spreading the word on OpenDNS: Email your story to success@OpenDNS.com.

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