Editor’s note: It never ceases to amaze us how just how busy OpenDNS users can be. Between work, family, games, development and staying current with technology, most of you we hear from can’t manage to stay still! We checked in with OpenDNS fan and blogger Rick Beckman to see how he manages.

Rick BeckmanOpenDNS: You have a five-year-old at home and another baby on the way. Does using a service like OpenDNS open the door for discussions about safe Internet browsing?
RB: Absolutely. As soon as our five-year-old starts reading I will show her the basics of the Internet. My biggest objective is keeping her safe online.  And not just from adult content but also from malware or anything else that may catch a kid off guard. I absolutely love that OpenDNS makes that job much easier!

OpenDNS: A new puppy, a five year old, and a new baby on the way! How are you going to find time for work, let alone sleep?
RB: Yes, and also numerous websites and a side job documenting a popular WordPress theme. And eating, which I’m told is mandatory. It’s all about finding a balance that makes the family happy, and while I’d love to say I have it all figured out, every day is a learning experience. I try and be strategic, though. For example, while the kiddo is getting ready for school in the morning, I have some time to catch up on email.

OpenDNS: You’ve found time to do some cool things with WordPress, an open source blog platform. Why are you such a fan of the service?
RB: Aside from building a cool WordPress plugin, I also maintain installations for family and friends, including my dad, sister and folk musician Adrienne Young. I am overjoyed that blogging has given a voice to so many people, and it’s a great feeling to host, tweak and sometimes even fix the blogs that give them that outlet.

OpenDNS: We hear you’re a gamer, too. What’s the coolest thing happening with video games right now?
RB: Video gaming has transcended being the pastime of gamers and has become something everyone is enjoying everywhere: Social media platforms, smart phones, tablets and casual gaming on Nintendo OS systems. From FarmVille to Angry Birds, Mafia Wars to Wii Sports, it seems as though gamers are becoming as ubiquitous as moviegoers. It is great to see all of these new ways of playing games bringing people together cooperatively. The world needs more of that.

OpenDNS: Okay last question. What did you name the new puppy?
RB: Mulder, of course 🙂

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