Editorial note: Deepak is a tremendous enthusiast, advocate, and ambassador for OpenDNS, most notably on our Facebook page where we (w00t!) recently hit 25,000 fans! After a ten year stint in India as a programmer and engineer for notable software companies, he now works for Verizon Data in the U.S. as a technical architect.

1) As far as we can tell you know pretty much everything about technology. How did you discover OpenDNS?

On the Internet you can find anything under the sun. However, it also carries weird distractions and eerily scary whirlpools. I had been using K9 Web Protection on my desktop and from their forums I learned about OpenDNS. It immediately seemed to me that OpenDNS was a more powerful way to keep unsafe Internet sites and software from getting downloaded in my living room. OpenDNS was obviously a faster, fault-free, fail-safe, and smarter name resolution service.

2) Wow. I bet we have a lot of OpenDNS converts to thank you for! How are you using OpenDNS today?  
Everywhere! I’m not exaggerating when I say that most of my friends would rather give up the Internet than go without OpenDNS protection. I use OpenDNS on my home computer, my wife’s laptop, the computers of my parents and sister back home in India, and have worked with our SysAdmin to get OpenDNS rolled out to Verizon’s offshore offices in India. I love the Phishing protection and the lightening-fast page load speed.

3) We know from your engagement on our Facebook page that you’re quite a savvy social networker. What do you think of Google+?
Google Plus is a definitive futuristic social networking solution that is more a compliment to or healthy contestant with Facebook than an arch rival. Google has innovation built right in its kernel and its innovation helps us to be more creative. Given the previous experiences Google had with Buzz, Orkut and Wave, I am sure Plus is going to be a radically new, rewarding and secure approach.

4) Lots of big companies now leverage social networking for customer support and engagement. What’s your take on that approach?
Customer support is all about developing a healthy relationship between the enterprise and the customers. Social Networking websites like Facebook help save the time for both the enterprise and customers by leveraging an existing common platform to meet and collaborate. Heightened visibility means customer needs are addressed more quickly and effectively. Plus, one great by-product of customer support in these public social venues is that customers and users are often motivated to provide peer-support and end up becoming part of a bigger solution.

5) From where we sit it looks like you’re always working. How do you unwind?
Even my non-tech hobbies seem to lead me back online. I have two blogs: one focused on personal, day-to-day experiences and the other focused on my own spiritual growth. I also enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with various veggie delights and ice cream recipes. Occasionally recipes make it out of my test labs and are served to friends and family.

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