Join our free webinar, focused exclusively on our rock-solid, best-in-class malware protection this Thursday, July 14th, at 11am PT, and learn how OpenDNS can secure your network from malware and botnets once and for all.

Two weeks ago, we unveiled major improvements to our malware blocking.  In addition to blocking malicious hostnames, we now block hostnames that resolve to known malicious IP addresses. That’s a big step forward, and an industry first.

Hear from the expert: David Ulevitch, our founder and CEO, will spend a snappy thirty minutes detailing, first, the threat malware presents to organizations, and, second, how our improved malware protection can cut malware off at the knees and block command and control communication. Effectively, this renders malware harmless to your network, and secures every device, from laptops to smartphones to tablets, used by your employees. Have specific questions about how our malware protection works? This is your opportunity to get answers.

Date: Thursday, July 14

Time: 11 AM PDT to 11:30 AM PDT

Don’t miss out. Sign up now, and don’t forget to invite your colleagues.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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