It’s still Tuesday, June 7 here at OpenDNS headquarters in San Francisco, but in lots of places around the world it’s already June 8, World IPv6 Day. That means for the next 24 hours and hundreds of other websites are officially reachable on IPv6.

We’re big fans of World IPv6 Day, both in concept and in practice. Spearheaded by The Internet Society, it’s a 24-hour test flight where organizations around the world – ISPs and technology companies like OpenDNS – are encouraged to offer their content over IPv6. Without such a broad-reaching and compelling reason to invest the resources to make it happen, lots of companies would have continued putting it off.

And we’re in excellent company in our participation in World IPv6 Day:, and have joined the effort, as well.

In addition to participating by upgrading our website, we went a step further helping to prepare your network for the transition to IPv6. To make your life easier we built a free, fully IPv6-compliant DNS sandbox for you to use to test without consequence before you move everything over.

Happy World IPv6 Day and Happy (IPv6) Hacking!

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