You’ve might’ve noticed a fresh coat of paint recently on We’ve redesigned our website! Hopefully, this new design makes it easier for both new and existing OpenDNS users to find out more about how OpenDNS can help them at home, school, or work.

We also added a new twice-monthly live OpenDNS Enterprise webinar. This demonstration, happening on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, is designed to give you an overview of OpenDNS Enterprise’s rich feature-set for schools and workplaces. It’s only thirty minutes, but we’ll review OpenDNS’ Web content filtering with block page bypass, our robust DNS-level malware protection, and a few other features available exclusively to OpenDNS Enterprise users. At the end, we’ll save some time for questions.

The next demo, hosted by our engineer Brian, will be held on Wednesday at 11am PDT. You can register for the webinar here. If there’s something specific you’d like us to cover about OpenDNS Enterprise, let us know below in the comments.

We look forward to showing you all of the cool things OpenDNS Enterprise can do to secure your network!

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