Hey, do you like the idea of helping out while helping out? We do too, which is why throughout the month of April, OpenDNS will be donating 2 cents for every valid vote in Domain Tagging to the American Red Cross!

Domain tagging is an important part of OpenDNS’ Web content filtering feature. The domain tagging vote system gives the OpenDNS community a simple and easy way to collectively vote on what belongs in a category and what doesn’t.

How simple you ask? Very. Sign in to your OpenDNS account, click on the Community link and then choose the Domain Tagging section. Once there, you can vote Yes, No or Not Sure for each of the listed domains. If you don’t recognize the domain in question, clicking the blue link (left hand side of the list) will open the domain in a new window for you to review. From there, you can either vote from within the frame of the new window or you can close the window and vote from the original list.

You can track your number of votes via your OpenDNS profile page (ex: http://www.opendns.com/community/user/100000). With just a little work on your side, you can help the entire OpenDNS community as well as donate to a valued nonprofit organization. We’ll be tracking votes starting tomorrow through April 30. We can’t wait to send a big check to the American Red Cross!

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