A couple of months ago, we created (, a page you can visit if you or a friend’s ISP stops loading websites due to a DNS outage. Switch to OpenDNS using those instructions and you should be back on the Web in no time.

Still, we wanted to make things even simpler for the least technically savvy among us. What if your grandmother’s ISP experiences a DNS outage? How is she going to find cute photos of cats dressed like lions to send you?

We got to thinking: we often call DNS the “phonebook of the Internet”—so why not print an actual phonebook? I’m proud to announce that we’ve done just that, and they’ll be available for preorder next week. Get a bunch and send them to friends and family—you won’t regret it. Give the gift of uninterrupted DNS!

Using the book couldn’t be simpler. For every website on the Internet, we list the corresponding DNS address. Unfortunately, we can only list individual webpages with their own IP addresses. This means that you won’t be able to do any searching, view any images, or follow any links. And you probably can’t check email. Otherwise, though, it’s exactly like your DNS is up and running!

The DNS phonebook isn’t light — it’s 17 regular phonebooks put together — but we’re confident this new product will help the least technical amongst us get back online in no time at all.

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