We just hit a big milestone at OpenDNS and I wanted to share it with you. Today OpenDNS successfully resolved the most DNS requests we’ve ever handled in a single day – 30 billion DNS requests!

30 Billion DNS Requests!

We recently brought a Singapore datacenter online to handle traffic from Asia, and we’re in the final stages of setting up a new European datacenter in Frankfurt as well. As we continue to grow, resolving billions more DNS requests per day, we’ll add new server locations to meet demand and ensure the OpenDNS service is the ultra-reliable DNS service you’ve come to depend on.

In addition to thanking our wonderful customers, I want to give a special thanks to our elite operations team that runs our global infrastructure. This team of four (yes, four) exceptionally talented individuals manages an infrastructure that covers over a dozen datacenters with hundreds of servers, peers and interconnects – 24×7, 365 days a year. Speaking of which, we’re growing the operations group, and just about every other department at OpenDNS, so if you are looking for a fun and challenging work environment, join the team!

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