Contributors to PhishTank help us — and many other companies — protect users from identity-stealing websites. Charlie Schloss is one of those contributors. Every time he comes across a scammy website, he makes sure to send it straight to PhishTank, so the community can verify it. Here, he answers five quick questions for our regular series.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Currently a student, I see the internet as a interesting tool that keeps expanding with so many possibilities. I report sites because I know I can help protect many people (friends of PhishTank) plus other sites… and there are a couple billion Internet users to help protect, with just one report.

How did you get involved in submitted scammy websites and emails to PhishTank?
Well I have been using Opera (web browser) and I saw PhishTank as part of their anti-phishing protection, so I joined that and then I saw that PhishTank is owned by OpenDNS and started using that and saw a big difference in Internet speed.

What’s the best phishing attempt you’ve come across in your time submitting content to PhishTank?
I am lucky not to have gotten the big ones that a lot of others seem to get, but I have seen some Hotmail phishing scams that were sent from a Hotmail account. I have also been contacted via Facebook chat in hacked accounts by people I know I have not talked to on FB chat before. Sophos’ Naked Security has a lot of the Facebook scams before I see them (recently I have not seen any friends failing of them). I know what to look for and I can tell the user if their account is hacked to changed their password and to check the facebook apps they have.

On Twitter you go by ChasApple. Any funny stories about where that handle came from?
Don’t remember where I got the idea for Chasapple but since Chas4 was taken already I went with Chasapple

Please tell us your favorite 1) gadget, 2) OS, 3) browser and 4) website?
1) hard to pick a favorite gadget as they keep changing so often.
2) Mac OS X
3) Opera is my browser of choose as they have the new features first about a year before others (tabs, speeddail, etc)
4) Favorite website would be as it is a great community as you can find interested people in any subject, from around the world, and the blogs post people have are about anything and everything and in many different languages

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