We pride ourselves at OpenDNS on listening to your ideas, feedback and suggestions. After all, much of our success can be attributed to users like you telling your friends about us, setting up OpenDNS on your family member’s routers and suggesting OpenDNS to network admins at your work. The Support Center and Idea Bank are two places where we take feedback about how we’re doing, but we know we can do more to listen to the people who use our service every day.

That’s why we’ve launched a new quarterly online survey. Some of you may have seen an invitation in the past day or two to participate in a brief questionnaire. The four-question survey is a way for us to measure how we’re doing in our goal of providing you with the best DNS service on the planet.

With your feedback, we’ll identify the places we’re doing well — and work on making them even better — and we’ll also take a critical look at which areas you think we may not be performing in quite as well. We’ll be surveying a different group of OpenDNS users every quarter, so keep your eyes open for an invite in your email. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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