We take our operational excellence extremely seriously. We know that one of the reasons people choose OpenDNS is because they know they can count on us for reliable DNS resolution, something many ISPs can’t promise. And so when something happens that causes us not to be the reliable service we’ve promised to be, it’s a wake-up call for all of us at OpenDNS.

This morning, a major Internet provider had a serious routing issue in Southern California that caused some of their traffic to be lost before it reached our network. This type of failure didn’t trigger our monitoring system — because from our end, everything appeared online. Lasting approximately two hours in the early morning on the West Coast, the partial interruption in service was a localized one and did not affect the global OpenDNS service.

When issues like this happen we always like to step back and try to understand what we could do to prevent these kinds of problems from happening again. In the coming days we will determine how we can detect this type of problem more quickly and how we can respond more effectively.

To reiterate: we value our customers, and we take incidents like this exceptionally seriously. And while a disruption in service is never a good thing, we’ll take this as an opportunity to learn, and to ensure we run the most robust and globally available DNS service on the planet. I appreciate the years of support many of you have given us and hope you will continue to count on us to be the most reliable provider of DNS and security services on the planet.

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