It isn’t just IT folks who use OpenDNS — people who work in every industry are setting up OpenDNS in their offices and at home. Today we chat with audio engineer Kyle P. Snyder about how he uses OpenDNS in his work as an audio engineer.

Kyle P. SnyderTell us a little bit about yourself…
My name is Kyle P. Snyder and I’m an Audio Engineer/Technologist who specializes in all facets of audio recording and audio technology. I’m also the Associate Editor of, Chair of the Central Indiana Section of the Audio Engineering Society. My areas of expertise include audio facility integration, maintenance, and support, as well as audio recording, mixing, and editing.

How did you discover OpenDNS?
As I mentioned, I’m an audio engineer by trade. However, as audio systems have moved from the analog to the digital domain, audio systems maintenance involves increasing IT involvement as well. I first heard of OpenDNS via and deployed it in my own production environment. Upon seeing significant speed improvements, I began deploying OpenDNS for a number of my commercial clients who wanted to see increased network security. It’s proved an ideal solution!

You mentioned you’re the in-family computer tech…what’s the worst issue you’ve come across?
I once (recently) had and incident where a cat managed to reformat an external hard drive. I sincerely wish this were a joke.

The holiday shopping season recently started. Did you get any good deals on Cyber Monday?
Unfortunately, no. In past years I completed nearly all my shopping online on Cyber Monday. However, this year I’ve decided to go offline and I’m trying my best to support various local businesses.

What’s the one thing on your holiday wish list this year?
A year full of satisfied clients and secure information system. So long as my clients are happy, I’m happy.

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