Last night, millions of people across the eastern seaboard found themselves unable to go online and access the Internet. The culprit? A Comcast DNS outage that lasted more than three hours and affected customers from Boston to Baltimore. These kinds of attacks can hit anyone, including us. And it’s likely that if an attack was large enough to disrupt Comcast, it could be large enough to disrupt us. That’s scary.

When we launched introduced OpenDNS more than four years ago, our promise was this: the fastest, most reliable DNS service available. Since then we’ve added features and built out enhancements including malware protection, Web content filtering and SmartCache. That said, offering ultra-reliable DNS service is still at the core of what we do. This is part of the reason why we added a new datacenter in Singapore recently.

Over the past four+ years, we have been fortunate to have a perfect, 100 percent uptime record and we will work hard to maintain that. As we saw with Comcast last night, even great ISPs have outages when attacked with massive amounts of malicious traffic. This is why we will continue to add capacity, far in excess of what we actually need. The real solution to this is better security for end-users so they don’t get infected and become vehicles for DDoS attacks.

So, if you just got set up with OpenDNS last night, welcome! Hopefully last night was the last time you’ll ever be without Internet due to a DNS issue. We’ll work hard to make sure it was. If you’ve been set up with OpenDNS for a while now, you probably didn’t notice there was any issue at all.

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