OpenDNS fans don’t just use us in the workplace — they set us up at home, too. Today we chat with Daniel Côté, who uses OpenDNS to protect his computer and iPad at home.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
I’m a professor of social work at a university in Ontario. When away from the classroom and computer, I have a personal trainer who keeps me fit. I like tech toys, so I use an iPad to track my fitness progress in a spreadsheet.

Where are you using OpenDNS? At home or in an office?
I use OpenDNS at home for the moment, for both business and personal reasons. I do a lot of research in academic databases and journals online, so connecting to the internet in a fail-safe and efficient way is vital to my work. At home, my router has been redirected to OpenDNS so my iPad also connects to it for DNS services.

2010 is going by so quickly. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?
Hard to say in terms of events. Most fun purchase was a 27 inch iMac that is awesome in terms of performance and usability. Being able to work on full-size side-by-side documents in large format on screen really speeds up my efficiency. Opening up the box this summer felt like Christmas all over again.

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one tech toy, what would you keep?
That’s easy. With no phone service, my iPhone wouldn’t be helpful on a deserted island. I would say the iPad would be great to have. Working to the next level in Angry Birds and in Cut the Rope definitely would help pass the time. Now if only there were some sort of solar panel built into the iPad screen to recharge the unit, I could use it for years while stranded there, right?

What’s the one gift you’d most like to get this holiday season?
Aside from health and well-being for my family and friends, I’d like to have an iPad kind of gizmo built into my vehicle as the main instrument panel.

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