OpenDNS users are found all over the globe. In today’s Five Questions post, Francisco Aparecido da Silva tells us about the tech scene in Brazil and why he loves using OpenDNS with his students.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a Linux SysAdmin at Julio Stampa Distribuidora Ltda., and a teacher at Faculdades Santa Cruz, both in Curitiba, Brazil. I am married to Fabiana Rocio Fabrin and we have two children, Gustavo (ten years old) and Julia (two years old). I love padling, my favorite sport, and walking on the weekend.

What’s the technology community like in Brazil?
In Brazil, we don’t have community focused on DNS technologies but I ‘m involved with SysAdmin communities and Debian GNU/Linux communities. When it comes to DNS technology, OpenDNS is the best one to me.

How did you hear about OpenDNS?
I’ve used OpenDNS since December 2007. A long time ago, I had managed servers with DNS, like BIND, but I was looking for a new way to improve security on the networks I manage … and the security of my students. I’m very happy to know about OpenDNS.

You actually teach students about using OpenDNS as well, right?
Yes. In Faculdades Santa Cruz, I teach about network security. OpenDNS is a very good way to improve security in business, student and, of course, home networks. To students, I show them how to use OpenDNS on every type of network.

If you weren’t involved in technology, what would you do?
Actually I’m involved in technology all the time, with commercial automation, networks security … and I contribute to congresses about free software. Here, in Brazil, we have FISL, Latinoware and other events about this. I live technology, I love it and I wouldn’t really do another thing.

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