Gary Rogers is the director of technology for a digital agency and has been a happy OpenDNS user for years. Today he explains how OpenDNS has proven indispensable for his company, starting from when they were connecting through a residential cable service, to today, with an enterprise grade optical carrier. Through it all, OpenDNS has been their go-to. More in today’s Five Questions post, below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and where you work:
My name is Gary Rogers. I am the director of technology at Rain in American Fork, Utah. I have a B.S. in Information Technology from Utah Valley University in Orem. My wife Karen and I share three wonderful children. In my spare time I enjoy being a father and flying single engine airplanes.

Here at Rain, we are a full-service digital agency that specializes in desktop web and mobile application development. Basically, we are a bunch of geeks that happen to get paid to mess with cool technology. For us, OpenDNS is certainly a daily part of that technology.

How did you hear about OpenDNS?
I heard about OpenDNS from a former co-worker about four years ago. At the time, our office Internet connection happened to use a residential grade cable service which presented abysmally slow DNS resolvers. After becoming aware of the service and giving it a try, making the switch to OpenDNS was an easy decision and we’ve never looked back.

What’s your favorite OpenDNS feature (i.e. faster Internet, Web content filtering, etc) and why?
We whole heartedly love the faster Internet! Recently we upgraded our office to an enterprise grade optical carrier. One would think a fast pipe such as this would make carrier DNS service that much faster. It turns out that OpenDNS continues to resolve up to 40% faster than the carrier’s own servers. We are in love with the level of quality and performance that OpenDNS continues to provide.

On to the sillier questions… It’s getting to be the season where people start thinking about which gadgets and toys they want for the holidays. What gadget are you hoping to get this year?
I *really* want an iPad. For three applications: Netflix, Habor Master HD and ForeFlight Mobile (its a digital flight tool for general aviation pilots).

Pumpkin pie or Apple pie?
Pumpkin pie… because apple pie is just disgusting! Whenever I eat a slice of apple I am reminded of pastries that one might find at a popular fast food restaurant. Such pastries usually have been sitting under a heat lamp for several hours, and that makes me afraid that I might see colors such as #C4B078 later coming from my mouth.

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