Bradley Chambers is a true OpenDNS enthusiast. He uses it at home, uses it at his office, and does a great job of helping to get the word out about OpenDNS on Twitter. Today talking about OpenDNS (and himself!) in a new place — as our interviewee for the OpenDNS Blog Five Questions series.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
I’m the director of information technology at Brainerd Baptist School in Chattanooga, Tenn. I have a B.S. in management from Covenant College. I am married to Leah (three years) and we have a nine-week-old son named Sawyer. I love running (, coffee (Keurig) and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Where have you set up OpenDNS? At home or elsewhere?
I have used OpenDNS at home for years and when I was in a position at work to be able to decide on OpenDNS, I did that as well. We also recommend FamilyShield to our parents as a drop-dead simple content filtering solution to cover their laptops, desktops and iPod touch/iPads. I also recommended it to a friend who deployed it at his organization.

What’s your favorite OpenDNS feature?
My favorite feature is the fact that I don’t have to buy a piece of hardware. We have a super fast fiber connection (Chattanooga is host to the fastest Internet in the USA with speeds available to a 1 Gb), so I try to limit the hardware we have onsite. We can run cloud-based applications that feel like they are stored locally. Deploying OpenDNS took all of around five minutes. We also love the academic fraud filter as well.

Now the fun questions: Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? And if not, what was your best ever Halloween costume?
My best costume ever was a combination of UPS boxes. I borrowed it from a friend who works for UPS.

If you had to pick one website over another… Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter. I love Facebook, but I have developed new friendships over Twitter. Facebook feels like a way to maintain the old ones where as Twitter feels like a way to meet new people for friendship/business opportunities. We actually don’t block either of them at my office. Our people spend a ton of time outside of work developing lesson plans and grading papers … so if they want to take five minutes and check Facebook, then who am I to say they can’t? It’s also becoming a communication medium to announce snow days, etc.

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