We frequently hear from people who are excited because OpenDNS has increased their Internet speed. James Trippe is something of an extreme case. He recently reached out to us and told us about how websites were taking a minute to load on his machine when relying on his ISP for DNS. Once he set up OpenDNS, that dropped down to less than a second per page. Here, he tells us a little bit about why getting speedy Internet in his world can be quite the challenge.

Tell me a little bit about where you live?
I live in north Georgia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The population here is less than 600 within the city proper, so I am in a quite remote area.

Does that affect your connectivity at all?
Yes, absolutely. There is only one ISP here, and they call the connectivity regarding my service their “best-effort.” In other words, it’s not guaranteed to work since I am so far out. Cell phone signals are also scant at best, negating the use of a USB modem via my cell phone company.

How did you find out about OpenDNS?
I was searching an Apple/Mac forum for ways to improve inordinately SLOW internet connectivity. Several members posted how well OpenDNS had worked for them.

While your Internet may lag from time to time (pre OpenDNS, of course) what’s the best part about living in a remote area?
A much lower population density: No traffic (anytime!), cleaner air and water, less noise, and beautiful land untouched by human hands.

And what do you most wish you could find at your local store that isn’t available?
I do a lot of gourmet cooking, and sometimes I am unable to find relatively obscure or exotic ingredients. Also FRESH seafood.

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