Earlier this month, we asked you to come up with your favorite OpenDNS slogan. We like to say OpenDNS makes networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, but we wanted to hear how you describe us, too.

When we closed the contest on Sept. 15, there were hundreds and hundreds of submissions — 617, to be exact. What was so interesting in looking through your suggestions were the variety of reasons people use OpenDNS, and where they find the value in the service.

Some of you described how OpenDNS protects you from phishing websites. Others came up with slogans that highlighted how OpenDNS makes your Internet faster. And some contributions celebrated our malware protection. It’s clear that there are many reasons people love to set up OpenDNS on their networks!

After reading through all 617 submissions, picking our favorite ten, and putting them up for a vote on our Facebook page, here are the five winning fan-generated OpenDNS slogans.

  • OpenDNS: Saving the Internet… one millisecond at a time (Jeremy Roman)
  • OpenDNS: Get it. Set it. Forget it. Or you’ll regret it! (Kevin Broadey)
  • Open up a world of Internet safety, reliability and flexibility. OpenDNS. (Kent Nemenzo)
  • My DNS can beat up your DNS …. OpenDNS (Jeremy Roman)
  • OpenDNS: Because the tubes won’t navigate themselves (Jordan Finnigan)

We’ll be getting in touch with all the winners shortly so that we can mail them OpenDNS t-shirts. Thanks to everyone who suggested a new slogan or tagline. It was so much fun to read and debate your submissions. Stay tuned for more contests and promotions, coming up in the next couple of months.

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