A recent survey of IT Managers revealed that dealing with proxies and anonymizers — websites that allow users on a network to bypass Web content filtering that’s been set up — is a major headache: 87 percent of IT managers in education think proxies are a problem, followed by 56 percent in the private sector and 44 percent in the public sector. The same study revealed that IT Managers are spending almost 30 percent more time this year dealing with proxy sites than they did last year.

We know (and you know) you’ve got better things to do with your time than deal with tracking down the latest proxies and anonymizers and manually blocking them.

That’s why we’ve offered this as a built in feature for more than three years. Like all of OpenDNS’ Web content filtering categories, the Proxy/Anonymizer category is constantly updated, thanks to the Domain Tagging community’s hard work.

To make sure you’re blocking proxies head to the dashboard, select your network and choose “Web Content Filtering.” From there, make sure to choose “Proxy/Anonymizer” as one of your categories to block. Once you do that, you can rest easy knowing what’s blocked on your network is blocked.

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