Starting today, all OpenDNS network administrators can choose whether or not they’d like to include a link to “Contact your network administrator” on the block page that pops up when users on your network try to access restricted content. Why the change? We heard from a number of you that the emails you received from the block page weren’t something you wanted to read. Based on that feedback, we decided to give you the choice of whether you wanted to receive these messages or not.

By default, we’ve left the link there, but you can turn it off by visiting the Settings tab in the Dashboard, selecting a network, and clicking on the Customization link. There, you’ll see a checkbox in the “User Feedback” section titled, “Show Contact Admin Form.”

At OpenDNS, we’re always focused on empowering our users through advanced customization options, whether it be the 50+ web content filtering categories, or incremental improvements like this one. If you have any ideas about how we can help you better personalize OpenDNS, let us know in the IdeaBank!

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