He rescues kittens in trees and people from car accidents. He’s a security official by day, and volunteer firefighter by night (and sometimes in the day, too). Meet Keith Young, EMT and volunteer firefighter for the Myersville Volunteer Fire Company. He’s the subject of this week’s “Five Questions” installment.

Why did the Myersville Volunteer Fire Company decide to use OpenDNS?
I wanted to reduce legal liability for having a wide-open Internet pipe in the firehouse by restricting adult-related traffic. We operate on some funding from the county along with donations from citizens, so we had to find a very inexpensive solution for web filtering.

Did you have a Web content filtering solution in place prior to OpenDNS?
No. We just couldn’t afford other solutions. Additionally, since the IT infrastructure at the station is managed by volunteers, we did not want complex hardware or software that would need to be administered. Therefore, we had to find a solution that was “in the cloud”.

How did you get involved in volunteer firefighting? Do you have a different day job?
About a year and a half ago, I was involved in a project with my day job (security official for the government) to modernize ambulance operations. As part of that job — and since I had no prior firefighting/EMS experience — I spent a week riding in an ambulance to understand how EMTs/Paramedics perform their duties. After that week, I was hooked so I signed up for the next available state training. One year later, I was a certified volunteer EMT for my home town of Myersville.

What’s the typical call that comes in to the VFC?
Actually, there is no such thing as a typical call. In a single day, we could have a cardiac arrest, a person on the highway who had trouble breathing, a major car accident, and someone who got sick from new medication. The next day, the only call could be for the firefighters to put out a car fire.

Mac or PC?
Whatever fits the need… 😉 My wife is a graphic designer, so we have PCs and a Mac at home. At the station, we have PCs and some Chromium OS installed, but the firefighters/EMTs bring in everything from PC laptops to handhelds/phones to tablet PCs. This is yet another reason why clientless OpenDNS works for us…

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