In today’s installment of “Five Questions” we journey to the American South for a quick conversation with Senior Systems Engineer and OpenDNS fan Cameron Brister.

Tell us a little bit about where you work and why you use OpenDNS there…
I work as Senior Systems Engineer at SquarePlanIT in West Monroe, La. We specialize in Web design and development, graphic design, and managed IT solutions, among other things. We use OpenDNS at all of our client locations, and of course at our own office. We really like the flexibility that OpenDNS offers for web content filtering, as well as the reporting tools that are available.

What made you start using it in the first place? Were there specific issues you were trying to fix?
I started using OpenDNS at home after a good friend recommended it to me. He found it to be faster and more reliable than than the DNS offered by our ISP. I got the same results and was immediately hooked. It wasn’t long after that we started suggesting it to everyone!

Now onto the fun questions… Mac or PC?
Mac, definitely! I made the switch a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back!

If someone was going to block your top three time-wasting websites at work, what would they block?, and

If you could buy one gadget or new toy (price is no object) what would you buy?
Being the Apple enthusiast that I am, I would buy the new Apple TV!

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