On Thursday of last week, The New York Times consumer tech columnist David Pogue began his weekly piece with the words, “Iā€™m about to make your life better. No need to thank me.” He went on to write a glowing review of OpenDNS, recommending that all his readers use it to improve their online experience.

This story ā€” along with customers helping to get the word out about OpenDNS through tell-a-friend emails, Twitter and Facebook ā€” helped fuel the biggest growth week in OpenDNS’ four-year history. Account creations were up nearly seven times their average and OpenDNS Deluxe has its best sales day ever. Not to mention the sales team absolutely killing it, adding Fortune 100 companies, household-brand retail chains and large K-12 school districts to the roster of happy OpenDNS Enterprise customers.

Some other interesting stats from last week:

  • Pageviews on OpenDNS.com sykrocketed by several multiples.
  • DNS queries hit the highest consistent levels ever; just shy of 27 billion per day.
  • More than 1,000 individual tweets and retweets about OpenDNS in the two days after the article was published

The growth we’ve seen in the past week is tremendously gratifying. That said, there’s no resting in sight ā€” we’re looking forward to welcoming more new customers, implementing more of your ideas, advancing the state-of-the-art in the DNS and security fields, and working to make OpenDNS an even better service than it is today. Thanks again for your support!

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