Founded in 1948 at Rutgers University, WRSU-FM New Brunswick is one of the oldest college radio stations in the country. Just because they’ve got a legacy, doesn’t mean the technology at the station is living in the past. Luckily Chief Engineer Matt Bassel was able to take some time to answer five quick questions.

Matt BasselWhat problems at the station were you seeking to solve with OpenDNS?
The computers at the station seemed to always get infected with some kind of viruses, malware, adware, etc. and we were looking for an easy way to fix it. Also, we needed a way to filter inappropriate content.

Why didn’t your previous Web content filtering set-up work?
We didn’t like it because it had to be installed on each individual computer and it slowed down the connection considerably. Sometimes the software would crash and Internet would be cut off from the computer until it could be restarted.

Did you look at other options for the station? What made you choose OpenDNS?
I use OpenDNS for my home so I knew it was reliable and easy to set up.

On to some more fun questions… what’s your favorite tech gadget?
I would say that my favorite tech gadget is my phone (Motorola DROID). I have my entire life on it, all of my music, emails, contacts…everything!

Since you work at a radio station… do you prefer a turntable, CD player, tape deck or MP3?
This is a hard one. I would have to say that it’s a tie between a CD player and an MP3. I love to actually have the physical media in my hands when I’m getting it ready to air, but the portability and ease of use of MP3’s is also nice.

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