A glowing review for OpenDNS by one of the most noted tech journalists out there, in the most prestigious and well-known newspaper in the country? Check, check and check! We couldn’t be more excited to be the sole focus of this week’s New York Times “State of the Art” column by David Pogue, entitled “Simplifying Your Life As A Web User.”

“I’m about to make your life better,” he promises readers at the beginning of his column, via — what else? — an introduction to OpenDNS.

Calling OpenDNS a “magic wand” for the Web, Pogue does a fantastic job describing what DNS is and how OpenDNS works to make the Internet better. He then details the myriad features and benefits we offer users. If you use OpenDNS, then you already know what they are, since they make your day-to-day Web existence better: No DNS outages, super speedy load time (his were 15 percent faster than his ISP’s), typo correction, phishing protection, shortcuts and Web content filtering. He was especially impressed with our community-based approach to domain tagging and categorization and found it “bulletproof” in his testing.

After detailing the the hows and whys of OpenDNS, Pogue closes with a ringing endorsement for OpenDNS. At the end of the column, he writes: “OpenDNS is one of the last great freebies of the Web… Even if you use only one or two of its features, you’ll find that OpenDNS makes your Web life better.” We tend to agree!

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