We’re always working to make OpenDNS even easier to use, and we’re happy to roll out some improvements today that make accessing all of the features and statistics you rely on even easier. Users logging in to their OpenDNS Dashboard today might notice a few cosmetic changes: we’ve added a new “Home” tab that neatly summarizes all the networks you’ve added to your OpenDNS account and serves as a launching pad for making settings changes or viewing statistics for those networks quickly.

New OpenDNS Dashboard

All of the features and settings you’ve come to expect from OpenDNS are still there, and they’re all in the same places you used to access them. We’ve just added a new homepage that makes accessing those parts of the Dashboard a little bit faster.

We’ve rolled out one other change to our community pages today as well. When you visit our blog, forums, IdeaBank, or other community pages for the first time, you’ll be prompted via a pop-up window to choose a display name, if you haven’t made that choice already in the My Account tab of your Dashboard. This change allows users who signed up for OpenDNS with their email address as their username to keep their email address private while interacting with the OpenDNS community. Here’s what it will look like when you are prompted to pick a display name:

Display Name

If you haven’t yet, login to your OpenDNS Dashboard and check out the facelift. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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