Hi! I’m Laura, the newest addition to the OpenDNS team. You can find me here on the OpenDNS blog, on our Twitter account or Facebook page or in a variety of other places helping to get the word out about OpenDNS.

Speaking of getting the word out, in the past several days, we’ve made two exciting announcements:

  1. We kicked off the 2010 SysAdmin of the Year Awards with six categories.
  2. We announced that one in every three public grade schools in the US is using OpenDNS.

As we talked about OpenDNS in schools and the incoming award nominations, a collective lightbulb went off — we should offer a way to celebrate SysAdmins who work in K-12 education, too! Today we’re adding a new category to the 2010 SysAdmin of the Year awards: a K-12 Award.

K-12 Award

Achieving CIPA compliance, blocking unsafe and inappropriate Websites and protecting students are all in a day’s work for this SysAdmin. Tell us how this SysAdmin deftly balances the demands of school boards, educators and students without breaking a sweat. Draw inspiration from the other categories to show how this SysAdmin earned an A+.

How to nominate a SysAdmin for this or any other award: To submit yourself or a fellow SysAdmin, just email awards at opendns dot com with the award category in the subject line. Follow the instructions for the category in your submission.

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