Today we announced that one in every three public grade schools in the US is using OpenDNS. One in every three. This news just a couple months after we shared that 1% of all Internet users in the world are running OpenDNS.

Why is it significant that more than 30% of all US K-12 public schools are using OpenDNS? Because schools are held to the highest standard when it comes to keeping the Internet safe, and it’s a task that network admins at schools don’t take lightly. Yet at the same time, they’re often given very small budgets for technology and, unfortunately, purchasing and maintaining a content filtering appliance can eat up that budget fast. OpenDNS provides content filtering delivered through the cloud, with no appliances to mess with, and in many cases saves tens of thousands of dollars per year.

We saw lots of adoption among K-12 schools and school districts early on, and it’s only become stronger over time. Today we’re proud to report that the largest school districts in the US trust OpenDNS, including Baltimore City Schools, Detroit Public Schools and San Diego Unified School District — to name just a few. Chances are, a school district near you is using OpenDNS, too.

Know a school district that isn’t using OpenDNS yet? Send an IT professional or administrator this pdf. Do you run the network for a school but aren’t using OpenDNS there yet? Read up on web filtering, CIPA compliance and internet security for K-12 schools. Have a question? We’re all ears.

Oh and psst — special summer pricing on OpenDNS Enterprise just for K-12 schools. Contact our sales team for details.

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