This morning we enabled time zone preferences in your OpenDNS account, allowing you to set your account to use your local time zone. This is significant because until now, all of your stats appeared in Pacific Standard Time (PST). The enhancement affects all charts, graphs and logs in your OpenDNS account, including but not limited to timestamps on malware alerts and DNS stats — which makes data like Top Domains and Blocked Domains much more useful.

Here’s how the change came about: Three separate people submitted the idea to IdeaBank, the area in the OpenDNS community where anyone can suggest new feature and service enhancement ideas. Then 1,160 other people voted up the idea, indicating that they’d also like to see it come to fruition. As a company, everyone pays attention to IdeaBank and we took note of the mounting support for the idea. Because you told us you wanted it, we decided to build it into the service.

If you have ideas for other features and enhancements you’d like to see, I encourage you to speak up and let us know. Or take a stroll through IdeaBank and vote on other people’s ideas that you think are great. This is how the system works, and how we’re able to focus on building those features that we know you want.

If you want to enable time zone preferences in your account, go to the My Account tab in your dashboard and choose “edit account info.” Select your region of the world, followed by the closest major city. The change will take effect immediately. Kudos to OpenDNS Engineer Cory Krug for making this happen. 🙂

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