We’re thrilled to announce today that the Atlanta Braves has chosen OpenDNS to secure its network across all of its facilities. From Turner Field in Atlanta, all the way to its field in the Dominican Republic (as well as the Orlando, FL spring training facility and its minor league teams across the southern US), Atlanta Braves team- and crewmembers now enjoy a faster, safer, and more reliable Internet connection.

The Atlanta Braves’ deployment serves as an excellent example of how OpenDNS can help protect businesses with networks that span multiple locations easily without the need for a costly appliance and IT team at each site.  (If you think your workplace could also benefit from using OpenDNS, don’t forget to let your IT team know!)

As a San Francisco, California-based company located just a couple of blocks from AT&T Park, I have to admit that our loyalty lies with the San Francisco Giants. Nonetheless, we wish the Atlanta Braves the best of luck this baseball season!

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