Every year in the United States, right around the beginning of March and on through tax day, we see a dramatic spike in the number of fraudulent sites spoofing the IRS popping up. These sites are increasingly hard to recognize – their language, production quality and overall messages are getting better – and they aim to trick you into handing over personal information. With the pressures the April 15 IRS deadline brings, many are confused into opening emails, clicking links and handing over personal information unknowingly.

Indications point to the fact that IRS phishing is on the rise. OpenDNS operates PhishTank.com, the Internet’s largest open clearinghouse of phishing data.

  • In March of this year, PhishTank.com saw 376 unique IRS email scams reported (these were submitted many times, but there were 376 uniques.) That made the IRS the No. 4 most spoofed organization in all phishing emails reported.
  • In March of last year, the IRS barely made it into the top 10 with just 96 unique scams reported.

OpenDNS comes with the absolute best anti-phishing available on by default. This means that even if you, a loved one or a colleague sharing your network is tricked into clicking a link, we’ll protect everyone from the site and let you know it’s phony. This sort of protection is invaluable.

Even with OpenDNS enabled, knowledge is the best defense. See PhishTank.com’s tips on how to recognize a phishing email and a phishing Web site.

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