We’re only about halfway through Take OpenDNS to Work month, and already several thousand of you have spread the word about how OpenDNS can make your Internet connection at work faster, safer and more reliable. Thank you!

If you haven’t talked with your company’s systems administrator about OpenDNS yet (or you’re the IT manager for your company but you haven’t deployed OpenDNS yet), consider that:

  • OpenDNS will make your work Internet faster, just as it does with your connection at home.
  • OpenDNS will save your company money over appliance-based solutions, like those from Blue Coat and Websense.
  • Remote locations are easier to manage with OpenDNS because there’s no appliance to buy and install, and all settings are managed via a Web interface.
  • OpenDNS has never experienced any downtime in all four years we’ve been around.
  • 1% of the world’s Internet users use OpenDNS.

If you’re ready to tell others in your company about OpenDNS, use this handy form. And if you’ve already successfully implemented OpenDNS at your workplace, drop us a line at success@opendns.com to let us know how it went.

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