One of the leading ways network admins at schools and businesses of all sizes hear about OpenDNS is from a friend. Whether it’s through our tell-a-friend emails, a Tweet or a just a casual, “hey – you should check out this service called OpenDNS,” our growth has been largely viral. And that growth is substantial – more than 1% of all Internet users in the world are now using OpenDNS.

We love that our amazing users feel so passionate about OpenDNS that they want to spread the word, so we’re making it as easy as possible to tell your IT staff or network administration team at work about the wonders of OpenDNS during April.

During “Take OpenDNS to Work Month” in April, just visit this site and use the built-in email form. The email has all of the important information about why to enable OpenDNS for your corporate network. If your company ends up using OpenDNS we want to hear about it, mainly so we can thank you 🙂 – Email success at with your story.

Already taken OpenDNS to work? Let us know in the comments.

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