It’s a new year, a fresh start, and the perfect time to take a look at all of the functionality your OpenDNS account offers.

Many of you use OpenDNS primarily for faster, more reliable DNS resolution. DNS is the foundation, the core of our service and we take great pride in the fact that OpenDNS is the safest, fastest, smartest and most reliable recursive DNS service in the world — and also the choice of more than 15 million users. But today I encourage you to take a look at the other features in your OpenDNS account that you might not be using yet.

  • First off, check out our Web Content Filtering. We provide award-winning filtering with more than 50 content categories, manageable entirely through your Dashboard. It can be as simple as choosing the level of filtering you want (high, moderate, low or minimal) or as powerful as selecting individual sites you want blocked.
  • Next, enable Stats and Logs. OpenDNS is the only way to see at a domain level what’s actually happening on your network. We show you things like the most popular sites visited from your network, and also alert you when we see Internet-scale malware. OpenDNS Stats let you spot trends before they become problems, and you can manually purge your data at any time.
  • Also, Customize with an image and messages on the Guide and block pages. We let you swap out the OpenDNS logo on the Guide with your own logo or photo, and let you customize the text there and on the page your users see when they try to get to a site that’s been blocked.
  • Last, peruse our Advanced Settings. Here you’ll find features like SmartCache, which makes Web sites that are down for the rest of the Internet load for you, and Basic Malware/Botnet protection, which will keep your network safe from certain types of malware and viruses, like Conficker.

These are all features provided in our Basic, free version, and OpenDNS Deluxe and Enterprise offer lots more. From more robust Web content filtering and enterprise-class Malware protection, to reporting and more comprehensive Stats, to an Audit Log and Delegated Administration, and the ability to turn off advertisements on the Guide, OpenDNS subscription services are worth a look. Particularly if you manage the network for a school, small business or enterprise and are currently using a filtering appliance, I also encourage you to talk to our sales team about how much money we can save you, and how much more ease and functionality, we can provide you.

Happy New Year everyone!

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