This holiday season, before you exhaustively search for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, look no further than the Gift of Safe.

By giving the Gift of Safe (aka the OpenDNS Deluxe Family Pack) all of your Internet-connected loved ones benefit greatly. Here are 10 reasons you should give the Gift of Safe to everyone on your list. Have a better reason? Tell us in the comments.

10. It will keep them safe from phishing attacks, taking the guesswork out of identifying Internet scams when you’re not around to help.

9. It will give them more than 50 categories of content in the easiest-to-use Parental Controls solution available.

8. It will automatically protect them from Internet-scale botnets and certain types of malware, like Conficker.

7. It will let them customize the block pages with a household-specific image and message so parents can communicate to their kids why a site is blocked.

6. It will automatically correct common typos, avoiding unintentional exposure to unsafe and/or inappropriate Web sites.

5. It’s trusted by more than 25,000 schools, including some of the U.S.’s largest districts, today to keep kids safe online. (What better endorsement than that?)

4. It has many non-safety related benefits, namely making their Internet overall faster and more reliable.

3. The price affordable enough to gift to multiple people.

2. It’s a gift that gives for an entire year.

1. Most importantly, it’s a gift you can feel great about giving.

We’ve made it easy to give OpenDNS Deluxe. Here’s how Gift of Safe works: You purchase a one-year subscription (valid from purchase date until Dec. 31, 2010) to the OpenDNS Deluxe Family Pack on for as many people as you wish. Each recipient gets an email notifying them that they’ve been gifted by you — included in the email is a special code. The recipient is prompted to go to, redeem the code and create an account.

Gift of Safe

Many of you have already given OpenDNS to loved ones. We asked you on Facebook for your stories and heard so many great ones.

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