Yesterday Google announced it’s providing WiFi free of charge to 47 airports across the country during the holiday season. (A full list of the airports is here.) Because we’re also starting to feel the spirit of the season, today we invite all 47 airports to take us up on a special offer to use OpenDNS on the WiFi free of charge.

Now that the WiFi is in effect, we want to make it easy for the 47 airports to make it safe for the millions of travelers who’ll pass through the airports this holiday season. OpenDNS is the single easiest way to keep travelers safe from phishing attempts, taking the guesswork out of identifying the fraudulent sites for them. We have several versions of OpenDNS so we’ll work with the airports to get them the one that’s best for their network and needs.

Network admins at the participating airports: all you have to do is drop us a line at airportwifi @ We look forward to hearing from you!

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