SmartCache is one of OpenDNS’s many significant innovations. We invented SmartCache — the technology that automatically locates and tries the last known good IP address for Web sites that are having authoritative DNS outages and are completely unreachable on the Internet as a result. SmartCache works to make those Web sites load for OpenDNS users who have SmartCache enabled, while they’re unreachable for everyone else. It’s this kind of innovation that we’re known for, and probably one of the reasons you choose our service.

When we introduced OpenDNS Deluxe and OpenDNS Enterprise last week, we put SmartCache in the “only available to subscribers” bucket of features. Any Basic (or free) users who had SmartCache enabled would keep there ability to manage the feature, but going forward it would only appear available to new paying subscribers. Many of you wrote in to express your concern about our decision: You made the case that SmartCache is core to our DNS service, and something that makes switching from your ISP’s DNS to OpenDNS very compelling.

So, starting about 10 minutes ago, users of all versions of OpenDNS get SmartCache for free. And I hope you turn it on, as it’s quite awesome.

Finally, it’s the only feature that was removed from the Basic, free service. We can now accurately say that nothing was removed from the Basic service when we launched our paid services and we won’t be ignoring the free service going forward either; we know a lot of you try the free version first and so you can bet that we will make sure it continues to be a world-class service.

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