Two weeks ago I was in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, doing an installation and am happy to report that as of today, that site is online and serving production OpenDNS traffic.

One of the neat things about OpenDNS is that we use something called Anycast technology in how we run our network. That’s great for you — it means no matter where you are in the world, your DNS requests route through our closest datacenter. When we do maintenance, our routing topology ensures you will route to our next closest datacenter. It also means that when we bring up a new datacenter that is closer to you, your DNS requests will go to it.

And here’s a photo of what our installation looks like:


From top to bottom we have:

  • Operations machine for management
  • Juniper MX480 Router
  • Cisco 2950 Switch for management
  • 3 SuperMicro Twin2U Servers (each with four servers in a single chassis)

This is a fairly typical setup for us. We have lots of room to add more servers as needed (though we think the 12 we have will be plenty for quite a while). We’re happy to answer questions, so please feel free to ask ’em. You can see more pics of our setup here: OpenDNS in Amsterdam

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