Since we launched OpenDNS three years ago, I’m proud to say we’ve made tremendous strides in our quest to make the Internet better. The innovations and improvements we’ve made to the DNS – a 25 year-old system that hadn’t been updated at all before OpenDNS came along – can’t be underestimated. With your help, we’ve built the world’s largest clearinghouse of phishing data and a community-powered Web content filtering system that keeps Internet users at schools, libraries, businesses and in households around the globe safe online. We’ve made Internet navigation more intelligent, provided you a better DNS than that from your ISP and delivered innovations like SmartCache and Conficker protection. In short – as a company and as a community we’ve built something really great.

Over the past few years we’ve been approached more and more frequently by other organizations wanting to integrate the OpenDNS service or some part of the OpenDNS service – our Web content filtering, or our faster, more reliable DNS – into their products and services. In many cases, their customers are actually asking for OpenDNS integration to make it easier for techies and non-techies alike to use our services. We’ve heard the same from you, too – many of you have asked us directly to work with router companies and make OpenDNS more accessible and easier to set up.

In January we announced a partnership with NETGEAR, a world-class router manufacturer, to deliver Web content filtering and phishing protection to its customers. And later this summer many new model NETGEAR routers will offer parental controls powered by OpenDNS, giving NETGEAR customers around the world an easy way to use our service.

And so today I am pleased to introduce Best Path Networks, a new arm of OpenDNS that will work to provide our services to partners. Each integration and partnership will be different – customized to provide value to different audiences. Where one partner elects to integrate and provide our Web content filtering and phishing protection, another partner might want only our faster, more reliable DNS, and sometimes a partner may choose to white-label the service as their own – and that’s okay with us.

Making OpenDNS available to more people is good for the Internet. It means more people are protected from phishing and other nefarious activities, and it means more people have a choice in their DNS. It also means the Internet performs more reliably and people are forced to tolerate fewer outages. It also means we’ll continue spending resources on improving and extending the OpenDNS network for you since all of our partners will be utilizing our existing (and growing) infrastructure.

We know you use OpenDNS because you love the service, so we’ve taken specific steps to ensure using OpenDNS will always be your choice. We also want to make sure you know we won’t form a partnership with any organization that limits your ability to use OpenDNS as you do today.

It’s been three years since we started OpenDNS and it seems like we’ve accomplished a lot, but we’ve only just begun innovating – we have a roadmap of great new features we’ll continue to deliver to you throughout the course of this year that we’ll announce here on this blog. As always, we welcome feedback – in Idea Bank, our forums or right here in the comments.

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