This is a big week for OpenDNS, if press coverage is any measure. (It is. 🙂 ) Yesterday we saw excellent features on OpenDNS publish in both Forbes and the newspaper of Silicon Valley, the San Jose Mercury News.

Forbes article on OpenDNS

The Forbes feature first. The article looks at OpenDNS in the wake of Dan Kaminsky’s 2008 discovery of a major flaw in the global Domain Name System. (We saw many of you start using OpenDNS initially to protect your networks from it, only to fall in love with all of the things OpenDNS does.) The writer, Andy Greenberg, paints a colorful picture of Dan and OpenDNS founder David Ulevitch first meeting at BlackHat in 2001, and even then collaborating to make the Internet better. Fast forward to 2008 and Dan recommends everyone use OpenDNS as it’s one of the only DNS services insusceptible to the major flaw he found. Oh, and this story will be in the upcoming print issue, so keep your eyes peeled.

San Jose Mercury News article on OpenDNS

Next the San Jose Mercury News feature. This one ran on the front page of the paper’s technology section. It’s written for a consumer audience, explaining how OpenDNS works fundamentally, and how it makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. The writer, Elise Ackerman, definitely did her homework. She cites several school districts in her jurisdiction using the service – Menlo Park City School District, Mountain View-Whisman School District and Fremont Unified School District to name a few. She even interviewed the network administrator from La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District.

As always, we post media mentions of OpenDNS on our Web site here, so if you like to read up on what people have to say about us, check back often.

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