Last year CBS live streamed 63 games of the March Madness college basketball tournament for the first time. Since the games happened mid-day on weekdays, basketball fans across the U.S. watched them at work – a headache both for network admins working hard to keep their networks zipping along, and for management accountable for lost productivity. (A study referenced in this article estimates $1.2 Billion in lost productivity is caused by the tourney.)

This year will no doubt be more of the same. When the 2009 tournament starts one week from today, more than 7 million people are expected to tune in, eating your bandwidth and slowing your network down. The good news is you can easily block the sites that live stream the games with OpenDNS. Then, if you so choose, unblock them when the tournament’s over.

Just log into your account, and go the Settings tab. On the Content Filtering page, scroll down to the bottom and add to your “always block” list.

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