We’ve launched a new design for our website! This new design maintains our classic look and feel while making it much easier for new (and existing) customers to find the information they are looking for.

Since we launched OpenDNS over two years ago we’ve learned a lot from our users. That’s largely because it’s no secret that we’re huge fans of feedback. There are two pieces of feedback about our website that we receive most often.

  1. People love the signature OpenDNS look and feel. We consistently hear this bit of positive feedback from our customers and our friends at other Internet companies. We knew that as our website matured we had to keep it true to its roots.
  2. People say they find our message to be a bit confusing. This is because our service appeals equally to parents at home as it does to network administrators at large companies. We’re too technical for the parents who want a safer Internet — and we aren’t technical enough for the IT guy who wants to know how it works.

To fix this we realized that we need to talk differently to our different audiences. This seemed unintuitive to us at first, but over time it began to make sense. While our service is the same for everyone, the benefits of OpenDNS are different to different people. Our goals for this new site were to better recognize the different audiences who use OpenDNS and explain our benefits to them more clearly without losing the simplicity of our old site.

We hope you will browse around and let us know what you think.

PS: There is a ton of new copy, so if you find any typos or grammar mistakes please tell us about them and we’ll send out some t-shirts to our best copy editors. I’m looking at you, mom. 🙂

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