Lots of good came out of Dan Kaminsky’s discovery of a major vulnerability in most of the Internet’s recursive DNS servers. First and foremost, his responsible disclosures and efforts to work with every major vendor have saved us all from some serious headaches.

Since OpenDNS’s servers are not vulnerable – never were vulnerable, actually – lots of you switched to OpenDNS. That’s the second good thing. OpenDNS is absolutely the most secure DNS service available and the more SysAdmins who choose to use the service, the safer and more secure the entire Internet will be. We want to welcome all of you new OpenDNS users and say thanks for making the switch. You’ve made a good call and we’ll continue to work hard to ensure you enjoy our great service for years to come.

Since you’ve now seen the benefits of OpenDNS, we’d like to invite you to pay it forward by telling other SysAdmins and Internet users about OpenDNS. Please take a minute and use this form to tell your friends and colleagues about the benefits of making the switch. They’ll think you’re super smart for knowing about such a great service, and surely thank you.

Now, all of you new users: Check out this Getting Started task list. OpenDNS is a powerful service will all sorts of awesome features. Have you done all of the items below yet?

Add a logo and custom message. We let you put your logo and message on the OpenDNS Guide and block pages. You can switch it up and put different messages in different places, where appropriate.

Set up Shortcuts. No matter if you’re at home or at a large corporation, you can put Shortcuts to great use. They’re like AOL Keywords, but you control them, they’ll work across your entire network and they’re browser-independent.

Set up Web content filtering. You’ll see in your account that OpenDNS has more than 50 categories to choose from. No appliance necessary and your filtering preferences will take effect in just a few minutes.

There are several more advanced features, too. Poke around in your Dashboard to see all that OpenDNS has to offer.

Again, welcome from the entire OpenDNS team.

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